Meet the team behind the documentary!

We are all Level 6 students at the University of Hertfordshire. Here is a little more about us all and the roles we are performing.


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Director/Producer – Isabelle Cunningham

I am honoured to not only Direct the project, but Produce it too. I believe this documentary could really make a difference in the fight against antibiotic resistance, by raising awareness for this growing issue and I plan to make that happen.

Script writer/Line Producer – Sophie Carney

I have been writing for years and with a background in science, ‘the war on bacteria’ is my ideal project. I can’t wait to get started writing this amazing documentary.

Editor/1st AD – Dani O’Brien

I’ve wanted to be an editor since I was 16 and first learning how to make music videos. I love sitting at my computer all day and cutting videos together, and I’m super excited to piece together our documentary and get it looking great!

Camera – Joe Hackman

Camera work is my calling, I live and breath to film things. Short films, documentaries, people falling over you name it. I hope to continue this passion into my career and am so excited to begin it with “The War on Bacteria”

Lighting – Hawra Abdel-hussein

Filmmaking has become a part of me for a few years now and it’s what I am passionate about. To have an opportunity to work in such a great documentary is a great honour and I will do my best to help make this documentary even greater.

Sound – Adriane Wong

Music has always been part of my life as I grew up in a musical family. Sound editing gives me the opportunity to explore the various type of music and sounds. I’m so grateful to be working with amazing people on this documentary with an inspiring story and I hope to provide my best in sound mixing and editing for this film.

Production Designer/Marketing – Monika Bartkevičiūté

I was always interested in design and film making and I was trying to figure out how I could make them both happen. In this documentary I want to make everything visually pleasing for the viewers. I have set myself a big challenge which I want achieve.

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Meet the cast!

HazelDr. Hazel Barton is a Professor of Biology and Geosciences at the University of Akron. Deep in one of the longest caves in the world, she has been studying the evolution of antibiotic resistance.  This work has revealed that the chemical arms race that led to resistance may also revealed an Achilles heel – resistance breakers.  Dr. Barton believes that harnessing these resistance breakers and turning them against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, re-arming and reinvigorating our existing antibiotic arsenal.